Selena Gomez Reveals the Shocking Truth About Her Relationship With Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Selena GomezWhen it comes to living it up in New York City, Justin Bieber is the king. The "Boyfriend" singer has been gallivanting around The Big Apple while his "Believe" tour makes a few stops nearby in New York and Jersey, leaving a screaming trail of Beliebers everywhere he goes (including outside our office). The question on everyone's mind? How does Selena feel about Justin going out late at night to clubs and hitting on girls? Well -- she's speaking out and FINALLY revealing the state of her and Justin's relationship.

"I've known him for a really long time and we enjoy each other's company every now and then," said Gomez. "But I'm definitely single and enjoying being that."

"Enjoy each other's company every now and then," Selena?! Why don't you just admit to your fans that you and the Biebs are bed buddies! See ya later, pure image. Now it's only a matter of time until Selena's younger fans are gossiping about friends with benefits.


I'm not really saying there's anything wrong with Selena and Justin's relationship. If that's the arrangement that works for the both of you budding artists, then hey, get after it. I'm just surprised that Selena was so ... open about it? She's a smart girl. She totally knows that people are going to take the underlying meaning out of that statement. And you know what? I think she wants them to. I wouldn't doubt that Selena wants some sort of claim over her ex while still living the single life. Been there, and girl, I totally understand.

With that said, though, I'm convinced that Selena can do better. I mean, Justin's cute and all, but all of this peeing in buckets and acting out just isn't attractive in my book. So who would make a better candidate? Well, Selena was spotted with Ed Sheeran not too long ago, but I think they're just friends considering the "A Team" singer was also recently seen with Taylor Swift, Selena's bestie. I'd totally love to see Selena with Jesse McCartney or Ed Westwick. Hey, that's just me.

Are you surprised to hear about Justin and Selena?


Image via justinbieber/Instagram

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