Robert Pattinson Finally Drops Nasty Habit Thanks to Kristen Stewart Split

robert pattinsonJudging from the headlines about him throwing lavish Gatsby parties and dating Riley Keough, Robert Pattinson seems to be doing amazingly well in the wake of his split from Kristen Stewart. The proof: The guy has officially stopped smoking! A source tells, "Rob has finally quit smoking for good. And he feels and looks healthier than ever. Working out has helped him tremendously with regard to quitting smoking. The two just don’t go hand-in-hand. Rob is now addicted to exercising and feeling good." Awesome!

We all saw the photos of RPattz and KStew together, smoking up a nervous storm. The two clearly shared the nasty habit, and when you're a couple of smokers, it can be even harder to quit. Maybe for Rob, breaking up with Kristen was one step closer to being able to break it off with cigarettes?


After all, Kristen has no interest in quitting anytime soon! (She was recently photographed smoking during a break on the set of her new film Camp X-Ray.) In fact, it's painfully clear there are better, healthier moves she could be making post-split.

But whatever! Rob's obviously got the right idea. As I'm sure he's been told by his trainer, Harley Pasternak (who has also worked with Hilary Duff, John Mayer, Jessica Simpson, etc.), there's no way you can truly get fit as a smoker. By ditching the death sticks, he seems to be thoroughly focused on bolstering his physical -- as well as mental and emotional -- well-being. The source says Rob's "determined to get into the best shape of his life." I believe it! And that'll only stand to help him get ahead professionally and personally.

Are you happy to hear Rob has ditched the cigs? Do you think the split may have helped him quit?


Image via Sharky/Splash News

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