Racist ‘Asian Girlz’ Video Should Get Group Shamed Out of the Music Industry Forever (VIDEO)

Asian GirlzMost of the time, I think our vigilantly PC culture can be pretty annoying. Political correctness gets people riled up over the silliest things, creating tension and causing folks to read way too much into/be offended by certain issues. Plus, sometimes we could all use a dose of non-PC humor. Our differences can actually be funny! But then you go and watch something like Day Above Ground's music video, "Asian Girlz," and you realize there are things we shouldn't lighten up or shut up about.

It's insulting to Asians. It's insulting to women. It's insulting to music in general. There's always a fine line between posting something like this, thus bringing it awareness and clicks, and needing an outlet to unleash one's rage. My rage won this round.

I even hate to post the video, but hopefully the backlash this band will receive will ensure they'll never make headlines (or a dime) again.


This is probably one of the most NSFW videos ever. There's some skin, some swearing, and of course the whole thing is just disgusting. You have been warned:

Forgive my overuse of quotation marks for the rest of this post, but COME ON. As you can see, while the band is trapped in a bird cage, an Asian model strips down while the "singers" unleash every single Asian stereotype ever in their "song." Every member of the band goes out with an Asian girl, which you can see in Polaroid photos. The model proceeds to pick up the bird cage, draws a bath, then lets the mini idiots swim around in her bath water. OMG, how the hell was something like this even made?

Here are some of the worst "lyrics":

I love your sticky rice
Butt f*cking all night
Korean barbecue
B*tch I love you

I love your creamy yellow thighs
Ooh your slanted eyes

Your momma's so pretty
Best nails in the city
Pushing your daddy's Mercedes

And you age so well
I can barely tell
17 or 23?
Baby doesn't matter to me

Then the whole last verse is a list of gems that include "flied lice," "Sailor Moon," and to top it all off, "fa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra." 

It'd be one thing if this were clever or funny or satirical. I love me a good Asian joke and am never hesitant to poke fun of myself. That scene in A Christmas Story was freakin' hilarious. But this "song" is really so vile and nasty, so unoriginal and degrading, I felt depressed for all of humanity after watching this video. I'm not so naive that I don't think some men have an "Asian fetish", but please don't tell me this is actually a "compliment" for Asian women, that this video shows they're desirable. It's the exact opposite, and it in fact made me feel really terrible about myself.

Levy Tran, the "Asian Girl" in the video, said she regretted participating in this ridiculousness on Twitter: "I sincerely apologize to all who feels that I set Asian women back 50 yrs. I know I lost respect from a lot of ppl. It wasn't my intention."

Of course, the band doesn't think so. They told Dlisted, "WE ARE NOT RACIST, HAHA! I mean, look at our band, it’s multicultural!! The guy in the bow-tie, our cutie bass player, was born in Indonesia, and he steals the show!! Please don’t take this tongue-in-cheek tribute to some of the most gorgeous women on the planet too seriously!!"

Band, we've heard more than enough from you. Seriously, it's amazing how I've gone through my entire life listening to taunts and jokes about these stereotypes due to my ethnicity, stereotypes I've constantly tried to fight against and dispel, and here they all are, listed for me in all their glory in one "song." Thanks, guys. I really needed that today.

Do you think this "music video" goes too far? Do you think the band is racist?



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