Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Want to Spoil Baby North -- No We’re Not Joking (VIDEO)

kim kardashianWhen I picture Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter North, I picture an infant wrapped in a cloud of cashmere Hermes blankets sitting in a gold-plated Moses basket surrounded 24/7 by harp players. (Also surrounded by video cameras set up by Grandma Jenner, just in case Kanye changes his mind.) So when Kim Kardashian worries about spoiling North, I just have to giggle. Really, Kim? Think your baby is in danger of growing up spoiled?!? Snort.

Yes, really. In an episode of Keeping Up, Kim actually brings it up. Kourtney wants to help still-pregnant Kim design a playroom for the baby. But Kim actually questions why a baby would need a bedroom and a playroom. Couldn't the baby just play in her bedroom, like Kim did, and then clean up? How much stuff does this baby really need? "Like, how much do you give them, you know?" Kim mused.


Wow, let's give Kim some credit for actually giving this some thought. Here I assumed she'd just let the baby loot happen like a runaway train. With gifts like a Swarovski crystal-embedded high chair showing up, it must be hard to stay grounded. But she's actually thinking about how much is too much. Maybe Kim's idea of too much baby stuff isn't the same as yours or mine, but at least she thinks there should be a limit.

And she's right about the playroom. Once you have a few kids, and they start really collecting toys, then maybe a playroom makes sense. But babies do not need a separate room just for playing. Babies mostly eat and sleep for the first few months of their lives, and after that, everything is a toy, and every room is a playroom, really.

It's good that Kim was thinking about not spoiling North so soon -- she's smart to set her intentions, even if she does end up indulging her daughter. The real test will come when North gets older and actually starts asking for things. Saying "no" is a big part of parenting, and Kim had better prepare herself for that now. But not spoiling your kids isn't just about saying no to too much stuff -- it's also about raising your kids with values. And that's something else Kim should be thinking about right now. What values will she raise North with?


Do you think Kim and Kanye will end up spoiling North?


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