Jenelle Evans’ Sexy Texts With Her Boyfriend Should Be Kept Private

jenelle evansIf you were walking down the street yesterday and you thought to yourself, "You know what I could go for? A sexy text message back and forth between Jenelle Evans and her new boyfriend Nathan Griffith," you're in luck. The Teen Mom posted a highly inappropriate, would-be-personal-for-most text message exchange between her and Griffith, and um, thanks but no thanks.


Jenelle posted this gem to her Twitter account. A little TMI, no?

jenelle evans

It's great that things are going hunky-dory for J and N, but a) get a room, guys; and b) people who truly have rock solid relationships don't need to post sh*t like this online. I mean, isn't this sort of thing supposed to be private? Why upload this to your Twitter, where a million random people can see and comment on it?

For Jenelle's sake, I really hope things work out with her and this Nathan joker. She really seems to like him. And although I don't think he's the be all, end all in terms of dudes, he's much better than some of the previous trashballs she's been with.

But, please, Jenelle. Don't post something like this to Twitter again. We don't want to see how the sausage is made.

What do you think of Jenelle's tweet?


Images via Jenelle Evans/Twitter

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