Robert Pattinson Has Another ‘Date’: 8 Women We Hope He’s Spotted With Next (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Jul 30, 2013 Celebrities

robert pattinsonHo hum, another day, another new girl for Robert Pattinson. Did you hear RPatz was spotted leaving a Jay Z concert with Australian songstress Sia Furler? She was wearing a see-through dress without a bra and... oh who cares. Really. How many of these stories can we possibly write? The thing is, Robert Pattinson is rebounding from Kristen Stewart, and we're going to see him out with a lot of ladies. Maybe even Kristen herself, who knows! So it almost doesn't matter who we see him with. Go ahead and make up a bingo card with female celebs' names. We'll make a game of it.

Hey wait, that's actually a great idea. I mean, the sky's the limit for the guy. He could date just about anyone. Maybe we should create a bucket list of women for Robert Pattinson to date?

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