Kristen Stewart Curses Out Paparazzi After They Bug Her About Rob Again (VIDEO)

Kristen Stewart Paparazzi confrontationLooks like Kristen Stewart may be taking a small page out of Kanye West's book with her recent paparazzi run-in. The Twilight star recently told a nagging photographer, "You don't deserve to breathe the same air as I do," then called him a "piece of shit," and followed that up with a big "Ef you!" after he pestered her about the current state of her relationship with Robert Pattinson. Yeaaaaaah, not exactly her best moment.

But can you blame the girl? I mean, heck, even if KStew could move forward from this relationship if it's not working out, the media won't let her. All everyone asks her is about Rob, but what about KRISTEN? You don't even need to be a Kristen Stewart fan to understand that, man, this girl's gotta be tired.

Watch Kristen Stewart's confrontation with the paparazzi, here:


Poor Kristen. Now that some time's passed, hopefully she can take a bit of a breather and reground herself. She's never been one to go super crazy on photographers before, and now that she's cleared the air with Katy Perry -- hopefully the craziness will die down. 

Do you think Kristen was out of line?


Image via beatupcar/YouTube

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