Kim Kardashian Saved From Stalker Photographer by Her Mom -- but Is Their Story for Real? (VIDEO)

kim kardashian, kris jennerAt this point, it would be easier to get a photo of Bigfoot than Kim Kardashian. Since giving birth to daughter North West on June 15, she has kept herself hidden. That doesn't mean those pesky paparazzi haven't tried. In fact, one photog allegedly went to criminal lengths to try to snap a photo of the new mom.


Kim has released a creepy cellphone video of Kris Jenner chasing down someone who trespassed on their property. As the family is relaxing at home, they think they see someone lurking in the trees and bushes lining their Calabasas, California home. Kris immediately heads outside to investigate and Kim catches all the action on her cellphone. However, unwilling to step outside and give the world a glimpse of her post-baby body, she hands the cameraphone to a friend, who trails Kris into the brush.

Check out the wild video:

I'm certainly impressed by Kris's bravery. She had no idea who was really out there. It's cool that her protective vibe took over and she went after that guy. This is proof that your inner mama bear can come out no matter how old your child is. Since the incident, the family has beefed up security. Though some people are wondering if this was all just another classic, Kardash publicity stunt. I think Kim sounds genuinely concerned, but you never know with this TV savvy crew.

Do you think someone was really trespassing?


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