Cory Monteith's Emmy Awards Tribute Comes Right When We Need It Most

cory monteithBy now, we've all had our hearts melt as more and more of Cory Monteith's cast mates and colleagues speak out honoring his memory after his tragic July 13 death. Now, I've got chills with the latest developing news that the Glee star will get another top honor this coming fall at the 2013 Emmy Awards. The Awards executive producer, Ken Ehrlich, told Deadline that Cory Monteith will get his own homage of sorts at the September 22 event.

Although it's "too early to tell" what it will consist of, Ehrlich says that Monteith's tribute will be separate to the show's "In Memoriam" segment, which honors other late stars. With less than two months to find a fitting way to handle this on stage, the pressure is on.

Wow. Yet another way Cory's legacy will continue to live on. As someone who made such a major impact at such a young age, I think the Emmy Awards tribute is not only fitting, but necessary. Perfect timing, too.


As much as it made sense to scoot back the season 5 premiere date of Glee, it's a bummer for so many fans that were waiting for the return of some of their McKinley favorites. Lucky for them, though, the Emmy Awards September 22 date is right before the new season premiere date on the 26th. Perfect timing? Understatement.

So the big question: How will they honor Cory? Of course, music comes to mind. Ehrlich has already mentioned that this year's awards are going to be pretty musical considering Neil Patrick Harris is hosting. The most chilling tribute of all, I'd imagine, would be Lea Michele getting on stage to sing a song in his memory with some sort of photo montage of his life behind her. God knows that would take such incredible strength to do, and of course, I highly doubt something like that would happen. Sure, Glee creator Ryan Murphy says Lea's been strong throughout all of this, but a scenario like that is too much to handle I'm sure.

So I'll leave the rest of the creativity to the Emmy Awards crew. Cory's death was so tragic and public in nature that it feels only fitting the major event honor him in some way. I am sure whichever way that is, it's going to be absolutely beautiful.

Are you happy to hear Cory Monteith will be honored at the Emmy Awards?


Image via Heather McCall/Flickr

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