Lindsay Lohan's Extended Rehab Stay Could Be Her Smartest Move ... Or Her Best Fake-Out Yet!

Poor Little Lost LiLo. Or not? Seems Lindsay Lohan has either a) come to her senses in a shockingly, um, sensible way or b) spent that mandatory stint in rehab learning exactly NOTHING. (It's gotta be either/or, right? Cause she can't possibly do both at the same time.) Anyway, point is, there are two wildly conflicting rumors swirling through the biosphere about the troubled actress right now: First, that she actually wants to STAY in rehab -- even though she's free to leave on Wednesday -- because she "feels she needs a transition period before re-entering the free world"; second, that she's booked a one-way ticket to Europe and is fixin' to leave as soon as her time in rehab is up. Huh?! What about the reality show deal she made with Oprah?? She can't just turn her back on Oprah! Nobody can.


Seriously, though. Let's give this one some thought. Maybe Lohan really is making a commitment to her sobriety in a new and unprecedented way. Apparently yet another set of sources says Lindsay's made a list of "toxic" friends to trim from her life post-rehab -- a list that's 100 friends long! Which, if true, is a super-smart move for any addict in recovery to make. In that case, maybe her trip to Europe (said to be a "congrats on surviving rehab!" gift from a friend) is meant to serve as a buffer of sorts. I mean, at least she won't be tempted to hit the same old scene with the same old people while she's across the pond -- and then, by the time she gets back, it'll be time to start working with Oprah and she can't get into trouble while she's working with Oprah! Nobody can.

Guess we'll find out soon enough either way ...

Do you think Lindsay Lohan's extended rehab stay is the real deal?

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