Chelsea Houska Has to See Too Much of Her Baby Daddy Thanks to MTV

Teen Mom 2Chelsea Houska is one of the sweetest (and saddest) teen moms to grace MTV's Teen Mom with her presence. She is a hard worker, trying to provide a better life for her daughter Aubree, while also contending with massive drama from her baby daddy and once on-again, off-again boyfriend Adam Lind.

Now Lind has moved on. He is in a new relationship and is having a new baby and poor Chelsea has to see it all unfolding. Even if Chelsea has moved on from Adam (and that's a big if), she has to be at least somewhat hurt that he has moved on so quickly and in such a big way.

Worst of all, unlike normal people who aren't on TV, Chelsea has to see it all unfold in the tabloids. I guess it makes you glad you aren't famous, right?


The problem here is that Chelsea, for all her good points, has been hung up on Adam. Now, thanks to their doing this show, she has to relive every cringe-worthy moment with him (and there were many). She has to see Adam with his new girlfriend and she has to watch him say things when she isn't around.

All I can say is: Ouch. It's hard.

Chelsea is a sensitive girl and this show can't possibly be good for her psyche. Sure, it's fine that Adam has moved on and Chelsea should probably do the same. But just because it's what SHOULD be done doesn't mean it feels good.

Seeing photos of the little girl SHE is raising out having fun with daddy can't feel all that great. Poor Chelsea.

Hopefully Adam will be a better dad to his new girl and hopefully that will have good net effects for Aubree, too. Adam is trying to do the right things, which is admirable given where he started. Still, thanks to the show, Chelsea gets to hear all about the fun day at the zoo she wasn't invited to, too.

I guess fame is really a double-edged sword in many ways.

Do you think Adam is becoming a better dad?


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