Kim Kardashian Will Make Big Post-Baby Debut in the Next Few Weeks

kim kardashian kylie jennerThe date that Kim Kardashian will make her post-baby debut has been revealed. Okay, not the exact date, but the date we know she's going to appear before. Kylie Jenner's sweet 16 party is reportedly going to be held on August 17, and being that she's Kim's little sister, Kim will be in attendance. But. Kim doesn't want to steal the spotlight from Kylie on her big day, so she's going to make sure she makes an appearance beforehand.

August 17, you guys. Mark your calendars. That's soon.


If you're wont to believe any of the rumors going around, saying that Kim (read: Kris) wanted to be in hiding until she lost a good chunk of the baby weight, sounds like, well, she's lost a good chunk of the baby weight. August 17 is about two weeks away, and if she's going to emerge from the depths of Jenner Manor before then, it could be any day now. So you may want to dust off those binoculars.

To me, what's more intriguing than seeing Kim's post-baby physique is where and how she's going unveil herself. You know she's not going to be with baby North, as there's supposedly a $2 million deal in the works for that shot. And you know she's not going to be with Kanye, as, well, she's never with Kanye. So, I wonder what it'll be. Personally, I'm hoping for something balls to the wall, like appearing out of a cloud of smoke at a movie premiere, or being lowered from the ceiling on a mechanical cloud at a store opening. We've waited this long. Why not go big?

I actually think it's really sweet that Kim is scheduling her first appearance before Kylie's party. It shows that it's not all about her. Maybe motherhood has changed everybody's favorite/least favorite reality star for the better. Guess we'll find out some time in the next 19 days!

When and where do you think Kim will make her first appearance?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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