Kate Middleton's Birth Plan Worked Out Perfectly

Kate MiddletonKate Middleton may be a Duchess, but she's also Wonder Woman! According to reports, Kate gave birth naturally, with no powerful pain killers throughout all 11 hours of it, and was "calm" and "serene" as she "sailed through" a "textbook delivery." Well, of course she did. And she looked great when she came out of the hospital. Of course, Kate had more help than the average woman. She had no less than four midwives in the delivery, plus a top notch team of doctors. It's unclear if Prince William was also in the room, but it sounds suspiciously like he was. Could things have gone any more smoothly?!


Considering the beginning of Kate's pregnancy, when she was admitted to the hospital with severe morning sickness, it's kind of a miracle that everything went according to plan. So many pregnant women have their plans foibled by Mother Nature.

I remember a friend of mine who had her fourth child in the back of a cab. Hey, she made the nightly news! And several who had to have Caesarians despite planning for a natural birth.

Kate was incredibly lucky. Sure, she reportedly prepped with prenatal yoga and long walks with her dog, along with a protein-rich diet of fish, fruits, and nuts, but you know as well I do how all of that can go to pot when you've got a baby with a cord around its neck or high blood pressure or heart rate or some other unexpected complication.

Considering all of the pressure Kate must have felt with the world watching her delivery, good for her for being able to remain cool and calm during it.

Now she'll probably have the absolute perfect child who never has a meltdown in the middle of Harrods, makes a floor collage of paper towels, or drives through a neighbor's home with the family pickup truck. Congratulations, Kate, you are purrrrrrfecto, darling.

Did your pregnancy go as expected?

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