Amanda Bynes Targeted by Same Creep Who Stalked Britney Spears When She Went 'Crazy' *UPDATED

Amanda BynesPoor Amanda Bynes. I don't care what anyone says about her, my heart just goes out to the girl who is so clearly (CLEARLY) having major issues. It seems like her family wants to help her, but she is also very, very vulnerable to predators right now. Two such people are currently circling the beleaguered star, trying to get what they can.

Notoriously sleazy Sam Lufti -- the man who once "managed" Britney Spears -- bought her the plane ticket back to LA after the bong-throwing incident a month or so ago, and she's spoken to him on the phone since she was placed on her 5150 hold for setting a fire in someone's driveway. According to sources, he is a very, very bad influence and would hurt her deeply if he got too close. Let's just say he also manages Courtney Love. Look how well that has turned out.

Of course, he isn't the only one trying to get a piece of the crazy Bynes action.


Daniel Herman -- who owns Chinga Chang Records, an East Coast hip hop record label -- has stepped up to pay for the damages Bynes did to the elderly woman's driveway when she set the fire. But some suspect that he too might have less-than-honorable intentions. Apparently, he would like to potentially sign Bynes (who has expressed an interest in rapping).

Herman, for his part, wrote to the Stir and explained that he actually has no expectations of Bynes whatsoever. He says:

I grew up watching Amanda, and when she said she wanted to do rap I reached out only because, I sell rap records, not because I saw a target. I saw her trying to deal with issues, while some were unresolved still.  So I reached out to clean up the fire. Why didn't Nick Cannon, or Wacka Floka Flame, or even her own parents pay for it? They say they have her back but then do nothing?  That is why I stepped in.
If she comes over to work with me after she is on her feet, that's great.  But if she doesn't I am still glad I was able to help her on some level.

So maybe he is a friend after all. I hope so. She clearly need some.

When a celeb goes off the deep end, she (or he) becomes very vulnerable to those who might want to prey on her (or him).

Given Bynes' mental state, there will be a lot of sharks circling, and it seems as though she has very few allies with her best interest at heart. Maybe this is the fate of so many child stars precisely because there were never a ton of people who loved them for the right reasons. Maybe Bynes is going through something she would have gone through whether she was a child star or not.

Still, it doesn't look good. She needs help. Real help. Not the kind she'd get from people who know they can make a quick buck from her craziness.

The people she surrounds herself with right now are going to make all the difference, and I just hope she gets some good ones, stat. Her story is very, very sad.


Do you think Amanda Bynes will get better?


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