Selena Gomez Gets a Birthday Surprise From Justin Bieber

Selena GomezOh, man -- you're gonna love this one. Justin Bieber showed up at Selena Gomez's birthday party, which was reportedly held at Revolve Beach House in Malibu Saturday night. (Whether he was on the guest list or not isn't clear.)

And considering this was Selena's 21st birthday, I guess we really shouldn't be all that surprised that Justin wanted to be there to celebrate with her. (Duh, now she can legally buy him beer, which is a total plus.)

But wait a minute -- Selena and Justin's relationship is currently off, right? It's almost impossible to keep track of when they are and are not together -- but if they're not a couple, then why did they supposedly leave the party together at the end of the night?


Doh! That's right -- the word on the street is that the Biebs may have not only given Selena one surprise by turning up at her party -- he also may have had a little something else for his former lady love, if you catch my drift. (These crazy kids.)

And if they did leave together at the end of the night, who can blame them? Everybody deserves a little bit of lovin' on their 21st birthday, right?

But whether their alleged simultaneous exit actually occurred or not doesn't even matter. If I had to guess, I'd say by the middle of next week, they'll be back together, broken up, and then booty-calling each other again by next weekend as far as the rumor mills are concerned.

Huh. You have to admit, it is sort of cute how they can't seem to stay away from each other. They're like, soul mates, or something.

Do you think Justin and Selena are meant to be together?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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