'Sister Wives' Season 4 Premiere Preview: Is the Jewelry Biz a Bust?!

sister wives

Oh, Sister Wives -- how we've missed you!! (Oh Kody Brown ... how we've missed making fun of you.) That’s right, the Sister Wives are back -- tonight!! Hooray!! But brace yourself: Season 4 starts off on sort of a sad note. Okay, maybe not sad – but definitely uncomfortable to watch. Remember how Meri, Robyn, Janelle and Christine were trying to launch that jewelry business at the end of Season 3? Well, it seems My SisterWife’s Closet wasn’t exactly the overnight success the family was hoping it would be (although, are they really that hard up for cash? 4 ginormous homes and they’re stressing over an online jewelry store?). So the ladies take their wares to a craft expo in Robyn’s hometown of St. George – and, um, bad idea.


Apparently St. George is home to Warren JeffsFundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints … also apparently, the FLDS community is NOT in favor of polygamy. So the folks at the craft expo don’t take too kindly to the Browns and their baubles, saying things like "I have no respect for them whatsoever” and “Polygamy is not a religion. It is a domineering, creepy way for old men to marry young women.”

And, here’s the thing: While I AGREE, I’m still not super-psyched about the idea of watching people be all mean to the Wives. That just sucks. Aren’t Christians supposed to be nice to everybody?? Didn’t Jesus say “judge NOT”? 

Anyway. If Season 4 has anything in common with the previous 3, I think it's safe to say some snooty ladies at a craft expo won't be the biggest challenge the Wives will have to face ...

What are you expecting from Sister Wives Season 4?

Image via TLC

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