Kim Kardashian Reveals Detestable Reason Her Baby Is Named North (VIDEO)

Kim Kardashian

Ever since Kim Kardashian named her baby North, people have been wondering, like, WHY?! Well, apparently there is some logic behind the baby name she chose. Not a whole lot of logic, but some teensy weensy half-molecule of logic-ita. (That's logic in the diminutive.) And it's not just that she and Kanye consider North their "highest point" of love. While on a family trip to Greece, a still-pregnant Kim tells her family that she and Kanye "want" to give their baby a name that starts with K, which would keep with family tradition, but they just can't do it. And you'll seriously never guess why.


Kim told her familia:

If we name our kid with a K name, which is kind of what we want, mainly just because Kanye and I are K's, but then our kid, if it's a K, they'll call us the KKK.

Bwhaaa!! I'm sorry, WHAT?!

"That's a little crazy," step-brother Brody replies, sensibly.

Whoa. Is that the weirdest justification ever for not giving your baby a K name? Also, there are so many other non-K names that they could have gone with that didn't make their baby sound like an airline or an ordinal direction on a compass.

I can't imagine that people -- at least anyone worth paying any attention to -- would have called the trio the name of a horrible white supremacist group. But, hey, Kim has had to deal with more hate than I'll ever deal with in a lifetime, so perhaps she knows better.

Maybe if she'd given the baby a K first name and middle initial, and the baby went by Kardashian, that would be a little strange. I mean, monogrammed towels wouldn't look so good. But I think a K name would have been fine -- too expected, though. Too much like branding your baby rather than naming it.

How sad that Kim and Kanye are paranoid to the point where they think people would call them KKK!

Would they do that?! Damn. That's sick.

Do you buy Kim's explanation for not giving North a K name?

Image via Bravo

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