Amanda Bynes' Trashed Hotel Room Photos Show Just How Badly She Needs Help

Amanda BynesAfter seeing photos of Amanda Bynes' trashed hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in New York City, it's even more clear that committing her to a psychiatric facility was the right thing to do so she can get the help she needs.

TMZ obtained the pictures, which were taken after Amanda was kicked out of the hotel last Thursday for allegedly smoking marijuana in the room and being rude to staff members.

The shots show ashes and papers on the desk, garbage and cosmetic bottles all over the sink in the bathroom, and leftover food and beverages scattered about as well. Oh yeah, and the smoke detector in the room is busted too, which is something Amanda has supposedly done in the past out of paranoia that someone is watching her.


The Ritz is said to be tallying up the damages in addition to the costs Amanda already ran up at the hotel totaling $9,000 over a nine day stay.

As was reported last week, Amanda's parents are seeking an involuntary conservatorship to gain control of her finances and also to make decisions as far as her mental health goes. In the meantime, she's being held in the psychiatric facility for another two weeks so she can be more closely evaluated and doctors can better assess what kind of help she needs.

For her sake, and the sake of her parents who have seen their daughter go on a downward spiral, let's all hope that this is the beginning of a period of recovery where she will improve and find her way back to being the girl so many fans knew and loved.

Do the photos of Amanda's trashed hotel room surprise you at all?


Image via Splash

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