Kim Kardashian Insider Says She's 'Lost a Lot of Her Baby Weight,' but She Shouldn't Rush!

Kim KardashianA mere six weeks after the birth of little North West (doesn't it seem like longer?!), an insider says Kim Kardashian is losing the baby weight already. Well, jeez, of course she is! Even if reports of Kim's extreme, 1,200-calorie-a-day diet are exaggerated (and I sure hope they are), it's part of the natural process for a healthy young woman to lose weight once she gives birth. Hello!

But you know what else is part of the natural process?


Taking TIME to lose weight and get back into shape, that's what is also normal and natural! I can't imagine the pressure celebrities feel to "debut" their amazingly slim "POST-BABY BODIES" a mere few weeks after giving birth. It's complete insanity. And I bet Kim feels particular pressure, having had her body so mocked and commented on her entire pregnancy. (Surely you saw the "Kim compared to a floral couch" and "Kim compared to Mrs. Doubtfire" photos floating around a couple months ago -- so gross!) Listen, I know, I know -- she's the one who puts herself out there, but I feel for her.

I'm sure the reasons the normally photo-happy Kim hasn't Tweeted or Instagrammed any pics of herself since having the baby have to do with two things: money (surely she'll make big bucks on the first photos!) and not wanting to be seen in her current state. But wouldn't it be SO GREAT if she did share a photo of herself, not hiding anything? I'm sure she looks beautiful as always, just probably not exactly the same size as a year ago.

How awesome would that be?

Everyone got so excited over the fact that new mom Duchess Catherine didn't try to hid her ONE-DAY-OLD baby "pooch" when she and William emerged from the hospital with their newborn prince. It was like some rare, amazing sighting -- when it should be totally understood that the human body, incredible as it is, needs time. And it's beautiful throughout the whole process.

Take your time, Kim! And if you decide to give us a glimpse of what a normal, healthy post-baby body looks like, you'll be a real hero!

How long do you think is a healthy amount of time to lose baby weight?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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