Is Kate Middleton Breastfeeding? One Major Clue

Kate MiddletonThe world is obsessed with the Duchess of Cambridge's pregnancy and birth. It's like we wanna know everything! Every tiny tidbit. Now that we all know the baby's name, George Alexander Louis, and the baby's weight, a hefty 8 pounds, 6 ounces, and that Kate most likely had a natural childbirth, we now turn our weary eyes to whether or not Kate Middleton is breastfeeding. Yeesh, I can't imagine the pressure this woman is under, having every single parenting decision eyeballed and dissected by millions. But we have our first clue about whether or not Kate is breastfeeding, and it definitely seems to lean toward one conclusion.


Kate ... is ...


Probably. Maybe. The reason this might be true is that reportedly Kate was seen leaving Kensington Palace yesterday wearing a lavender dress that looks just like a type of dress that is designed with plunging necklines for easy nursing access.

Of course, like some women, Kate may intend to breastfeed but find herself unable to produce enough milk and need to supplement with formula. She may start off breastfeeding but discover the baby isn't latching or some other difficulty and stop. She may breastfeed for two weeks and stop. We just don't know. Though I suspect enough information will come out that we'll know more later.

While breastfeeding in the U.S. has risen, breastfeeding in the U.K. is apparently dropping. So advocates there are hoping that Kate will make her choice known to the public if she breastfeeds. But should that really be her duty?

On the one hand, she's a mom entitled to her privacy like every other mom. On the other, she chose her role as future Queen, and must have known that would come with intense scrutiny and pressure. She gets to live a life of unparalled power and luxury because of that.

She also gets the immense pleasure of being able to advocate for causes she believes in and actually have people listen to her. Most of us aren't that fortunate.

So if Kate is breastfeeding, it would be great if she says so. But if she's not, it would be great if she gives that the stamp of approval too.

Do you think Kate should let the world know if she is breastfeeding?


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