Kim Kardashian’s 1,200-Calorie Diet Sounds Too Extreme for a Breastfeeding Mom

kim kardashianFifty pounds. That's how much weight Kim Kardashian reportedly gained during her pregnancy with North. Fifty pounds -- at least. Some are saying as much as 65. And now the pressure is on to lose it all in celebrity-rapid speed. Think breastfeeding is going to do it alone? Yes, actually, I do. Hell no! We hear Kim's on a 1,200-calorie diet to lose that baby fat. She's slurping down veggie juices concocted by her new personal chef. It sounds torturous.

It's like Kim has to be punished for gaining all that weight. Enjoyed all that frozen yogurt, did we Ms. Kardashian? Well now it's time to pay! Mwa ha ha ha ha! So this is what Kim is supposedly doing to lose the baby weight.


A source tells Star magazine:

She has a chef making her fresh green juices of kale, celery, spinach, collard greens, and cilantro. They make up 80 percent of her diet, and the other 20 percent consists of low-fat chicken and a light salad or steamed veggies.

And when she's not choking down juices and steamed chicken, she's breastfeeding like crazy:

She kept hearing that she would lose a lot of weight if she did breast-feed. That’s why she’s forcing herself to do it.

Wait a minute, what's with this "forcing" business? I thought she LOVED breastfeeding. I thought it was so natural for her. So basically what this source is saying is that Kim is living in a 24/7 hellscape of lactation and hunger. And let us not forget that she's probably also working out, too. That sounds like a lot of fun for everyone. What do they do, leave her alone in a padded cell? Because I would not want to live under the same roof with this starving new mom.

Supposedly you burn an extra 500 calories a day from breastfeeding. You know what that means? You are HUNGRY like never before. I didn't eat that much more while I was pregnant. But after? Man, I was hungry. I had my chocolate cake with Oprah ritual every afternoon. I ate chocolate-covered almonds all day long. I still remember the moment about a month after the baby when I was standing in my kitchen around midnight, eating New York Super Chunk Fudge directly out of the carton, when a light bulb went over my head: I should probably stop eating ice cream every day if I really want to lose that baby weight.

Okay, so it took me a whole nine months to lose the 30 pounds I gained during pregnancy. That's how long it's supposed to take. At least I was still pleasant and civil because I wasn't starving. Basically my weight-loss plan was to eat healthy foods, stop eating ice cream and chocolate cake every day, and breastfeed. It worked, but slowly.

Bonus: I kept breastfeeding after I lost the baby weight and got even skinnier. But that doesn't work for everyone. Some women can't shed those last five pounds until they stop breastfeeding.

Anyway ... Kim's gonna do what Kim's gonna do. I just hope that in the midst of this juice torture, she also changes her tastes and palate a little bit, so by the time she's finished with the diet, she finds herself craving fresh fruit and veggies more, and French fries less. Because that's what's going to keep her a healthy mama for life.

What do you think about Kim's rumored extreme diet?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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