‘Game of Thrones’ Season 4 Will Be Jon Snow’s Most Important Yet (VIDEO)

Game of Thrones jon snowNow that the folks behind Game of Thrones made their highly anticipated appearance at Comic-Con, it gives us fans a chance to freak out about what they had to say. Season 4 is gearing up to be the best yet, so it's nice to have something to tide us over as we wait ... and wait ... and wait for 2014.

Take a look at what Kit Harington, who plays the character who's very hot and seems to know very little, at least according to his girlfriend, Jon Snow, had to say. It'll be a "really powerful season," he revealed. "I'm not doing the actor thing of saying 'each season is brilliant' because I have to" (good, because we were going to accuse him of doing just that). "It's very action-filled. Last season was a big impact season, this season is very action-packed. On paper it looks incredible, whether we can pull it off ... who knows!"

"I've just finished reading [the script] and I genuinely think it's my favorite one so far."

So exciting! What's next for Jon Snow? Book spoilers ahead!!


Fans who have read A Storm of Swords know that Jon Snow has a really big season 4 ahead of him. "There are some really important things that happen for my character this season," Kit unhelpfully offers.

Let's expand upon that a little more, shall we? Last we saw Mr. Snow, he was able to escape from the wildings, even though he was shot with a few arrows by an enraged Ygritte. He managed to get to the Wall and reunite with Samwell! Awwww.

Jon doesn't have much of a chance to recover: The wildling army finally gets to Castle Black and attacks the Wall, though Jon is able to warn the Night's Watch in advance. Since there are so few of them left, Jon takes command.

When the worst of the fighting is over and the wildings are driven back, Jon makes a point to find poor Ygritte as she is dying. She was hit by an arrow, and the entire farewell scene between the two of them is intensely sad. Gahh, how heartbreaking is that going to be?! Can't anyone in this series ever stay together and live happily ever after?! (Don't answer that.)

Anyway, Janos Slynt and Alliser Thorne come back to Castle Black, try to take command, and proceed to accuse Jon of oathbreaking and treachery. After being imprisoned, they send him straight on back to chat with (and kill) Mance Rayder. Jon begrudgingly heads over and observes that Mance has found the Horn of Winter. Legend has it that when the horn is blown, all of the giants awaken from the earth.

While they're talking, King Stannis and his army fortuitously arrive and take out the wildings. Jon, upon returning to the Night's Watch, contends with his toughest decision yet. Stannis offers to make him the Lord of Winterfell -- as long as Jon continues to support him -- by legitimizing him (remember, Jon is Eddard Stark's bastard, and everyone thinks the other Stark children are dead). But Samwell has something else up his sleeve and is able to manipulate all the others into voting for Snow as the new Lord Commander of the Night's Watch.

Jon's lover dying in his arms? A huge battle? A glimpse of the Horn of Winter? Jon becoming Lord Commander (thanks to Samwell)? I don't know how much longer I can wait for season 4!

Just for kicks, here is the lovely Kit Harington during a Comic-Con interview:

What are you most excited to see come alive in Jon Snow's storyline during season 4?


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