Jennifer Aniston's Fiance Justin Theroux Is Fighting for Her Mom to Be at Their Wedding

Jennifer Aniston, Justin TherouxThere's nothing worse than having a wedding and not wanting to invite your mother. And this is reportedly the dilemma of Jennifer Aniston, who is set to marry fiance Justin Theroux sometime ... well, sometime. Jen and her mom, Nancy Dow, have never had the smoothest relationship, but things really fell apart when Nancy wrote a tell-all book about her daughter at the height of her Friends fame. In fact, she wasn't even invited to Jen's first wedding to Brad Pitt, and Jen said, "This is the last chunk of disease in my life -- my mom." Yowsa. But things may be thawing between the two as Justin has reportedly tried to broker a peace treaty. Jen's mom may even get a wedding invite. Or not. Jen is apparently torn on that one.


A source told the Daily Mail that Justin is trying to get the two to bury the hatchet, especially as Nancy, now 77, recently suffered a stroke and had a hip operation. The source says:

Right now, Jennifer is going back and forth. As it stands, she’s going to invite Nancy to the wedding -- but it’s not set in stone.

Justin has also supposedly campaigned to get Jen to forgive her mom, with a so-called friend of the couple telling the Daily Mail:

Justin has been instrumental in convincing Jen to reconcile with her mother. He's encouraged her to forgive Nancy for writing a book about Jen and giving interviews about her that she regarded as excessively indiscreet. Two years ago Jen was adamant she'd never talk to her mother again. Justin has asked her to give her mother another chance especially as she's been recovering from a hip operation. Justin's mantra is that time heals and he's urged her to invite her mother to the wedding.

Hmm. Not sure why it's so important to Justin that Jen kiss and make up with her mom, but perhaps it's because he is close to his mother, Phyllis, who has also become close to Jen, and he just can't conceive of anyone not liking their mom. Perhaps deep down he thinks this makes Jennifer a bad person.

But Justin may want to butt out because he surely can't know every detail of everything that has gone on between Jen and her mom. It probably took years of soul-searching for Jen to finally accept that she couldn't be close to her mom for the sake her own mental health. I know the feeling. I have some relatives I love but I have had to detach from. I love them from a distance. Most of us have at least one person like that in our lives; in Jen's case, it happens to be her mother.

Why Jen doesn't like her mother, besides her trying to ride on her famous daughter's coattails, isn't quite clear. But from what I've read over the years, Nancy was always overly critical of Jen, trying to get her to lose weight, etc.

Jen did what she had to do to have a peaceful existence by cutting her mom out. Sometimes that is the most difficult but most sane decision you can make, to cut off someone you love and want to be close with -- but can't.

Still, Nancy is elderly and not in good health and won't be around for decades to come. If Jen ever wants to forgive, now is the time. She might feel much better for it. Justin may have a good point. Either way, he sounds like a caring fiance. Ya done good, Jen!

Have you ever had to cut off a relative? What should Jen do?

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