Kris Jenner's TMI Sex Confessions in Front of Her Daughters Show She Has No Shame

kris jennerAnd the award for most embarrassing mom in the world goes to ... Kris Jenner.

So what has the supreme momager done this time? Tell the world about her sex life - and in front of daughters Kylie and Kendall no less. But what do you expect? After all, she does need the ratings on her already-tanking talk show.


The uncomfortable TMI moment came while Khloe Kardashian and Kris played a game of I Never on air. Leave it to Kris to provide some long-winded answer that no one wanted to hear about her joining the mile high club with husband Bruce Jenner. Gross! Another one that almost made our ears bleed? "I Never faked the Big O," she said. Which, for those who have not played the game, means she has. Why Kris, why?

Sensing the ickiness, Khloe says that neither Kylie nor Kendall don't even know what the Big O means. Yeah right. I am sure they are well aware of that and a lot more. Their big sister did launch her career with a sex tape.

I don't know why I am so shocked by all of this though. I actually like Kris and her camera-ready clan. But this woman has continually proven she will do just about anything for publicity. They live every aspect of their lives in front of the cameras -- every date, every fight, every heartbreak. But there are some things even diehard fans just don't want to hear and this was definitely it.

What do you think of Kris' confession?

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