Kanye West May Have Hired Body Doubles for Baby North in Most Paranoid Dad Move Ever

Kanye WestThis might not be anything more than another crazy Kardashian rumor, but supposedly Kanye West has hired body doubles for baby North West, himself, and Kim Kardashian -- because he lives in fear that someone will try and kidnap or harm his famous baby girl.

A "friend" of his told Now Magazine that Kanye will do "whatever it takes to keep his family safe," and apparently he thinks fooling the heck out of the paparazzi is a decent place to start.


The source added, "He's planning to employ body doubles to act as decoys for the three of them. The plan is for them to go out in separate vehicles to throw anyone planning to follow them off the scent."

Um, really?

I understand Kanye being a bit overprotective of his family since he's a brand new dad, and all, but who does he think he is? Prince William? Gah. If he and Kate Middleton left the hospital with their brand new PRINCE and didn't have body doubles, why the heck does Kanye think he needs them? (Because he obviously thinks he's royalty.)

If this is really true, and Kanye plans on having decoys all over the city of Los Angeles, I'm thinking he might want to take up meditation or go see a therapist a couple times a week to deal with his extreme paranoia.

Yes, I realize that he and Kim have a certain degree of fame going on -- but considering how many celebrities go out with their babies and wind up perfectly safe, why would he think things would be any different for them? I guess hiring bodyguards to accompany them on public outings is one thing, but body doubles? Isn't that just a little bit extreme?

If Kanye is really this concerned about his daughter's safety, then maybe he should either consider moving to a less populated area, or not venture out of the house for at least the next five years or so. All parents want to keep their kids safe, but you can't put them in a bubble and be so scared to take them out in public that you resort to finding lookalikes to impersonate you. 

Chill out, Kanye -- it's gonna be ok.

Do you think Kanye really hired body doubles, and is he justified in doing so?


Image via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

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