The Royal Baby Name: The Queen Will Decide!

Queen ElizabethNow that Kate Middleton has given birth and showed off the brand new Prince of Cambridge to the world, we all have one burning question on our minds. When are we going to find out the royal baby name? The suspense is killing us, and we can only hope that she and Prince William choose something soon and share it with the rest of the world so we can all sleep at night. (Kidding. Sort of.)

But according to sources who are close to the Middleton family, Kate and Wills have selected a name -- but they have to run it by Queen Elizabeth and get her approval before it's officially given to their child.


Hmm. Her Majesty did go and visit her new great-grandson at Kensington Palace today -- so was there any sort of discussion about what to call the newest member of the family?

Maybe. But can you imagine how much pressure Prince William and Kate must be feeling over making sure they pick a name the Queen will approve of? (Ugh. What a drag.)

I mean, I know being part of the royal family comes with a whole host of traditions that must be followed, but still -- it's their baby, not the Queen's. Shouldn't they have the final say over what their son's name will be instead of letting his great-grandmother make the call?

My husband I and decided on our own son's name when I was about four or five months pregnant -- and there's no way we would've let our family members try and sway us in another direction if they didn't agree with it. We got very lucky in the fact that they all loved his name and still do to this day, but it would've been horrible to have our choice slammed when it was a name we had our hearts set on.

The general consensus seems to be that Kate and Prince William will choose a very traditional name for their child, like James or George. But considering what a modern couple they are, there is the chance that they'll want to go out on a limb and call the royal baby something more unique. (I vote for Spencer!) And what if they have the ideal name picked out, but the Queen totally shoots it down and forbids them to use it? That will really suck.

A mom and dad's first choice for a baby name is pretty tough thing to part with when they've already envisioned calling their little one something in particular, so for their sake, let's hope the Queen goes along with whatever they choose so everyone is happy and they can go on celebrating this joyous time in their lives.

Did anyone in your family try and influence your choice for a baby name?


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