Prince William Is Already the Most Hands-On Royal Dad

prince william babyI'm not one to go completely gaga over "celebrity" births, but hoooo, when the Duke and Duchess emerged from St. Mary's on Tuesday, clutching Baby Cambridge -- I got a little verklempt. There was something about seeing the beautiful young couple with their brand new baby -- their whole lives ahead of them -- that just did it for me. Kate looked different than she normally does. I don't mean appearance-wise, I mean attitude-wise. The normally reserved Duchess seemed like her only priority was to protect her son. She was a mom. And Will. Dear god, do I even need to go there? The man was beaming from ear-to-ear. A proud papa if we've ever seen one. There is no doubt that the Duke will be an incredibly hands-on dad throughout his son's life. In fact, he already has proven himself to be. Have you heard what he's done thus far?


Let's start with the fact that he's already changed Baby Cambridge's "nappies". During their short interview on Tuesday, Will admit that he hasn't left the diaper changing to his wife or midwives, but that he, himself, has already taken care of his fair share of dirty diapers. Is this something most dads do these days? Yeah, sure. But as Bill Coles from Huffington Post UK says: "William is probably the first direct male heir to the throne ever to have changed a nappy in HISTORY!" Breaking the mold, one poop-filled diaper at a time. That's big.

Also, during their brief stint with the press, William took the baby from Catherine's arms, and cradled him close while he answered a few questions. He even joked about how the baby has more hair than he, and how "thankfully", he has his mother's lips. (Okay, so that doesn't exactly show how hands on he is, but come on, it's g.d. adorable.)

Then -- the denouement of it all -- was when Will, the Prince of Wales himself, strapped his newborn son into the car seat and drove away, like pretty much every other father under the sun. (And did you see when he jokingly wiped sweat from his brow, signifying he was relieved to have passed this rite of fatherhood passage?)

It really sounds like the Duke will be doing things much differently from his royal predecessors -- as in, he'll be doing a lot himself. I'm sure Charles was a great father in many ways, but I'd be shocked to hear that he changed dirty diapers and strapped the kids into the car seats when it was time go out.

Will is starting an amazing trend, and is already one hell of an example to his child.

What kind of dad do you think Will will be?


Image via Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty

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