Kate Middleton's 'Mummy Tummy' Inspires Women Everywhere

Kate MiddletonWhen it comes to the "post-baby bod" we are so accustomed to seeing celebrities pop up after birth with abstastic tummies that it was almost a shock to see Kate Middleton's "mummy tummy" when she appeared on the steps of the hospital with Prince William and Baby Cambridge. (I can't wait for his name!!!) Sure, the Duchess could have worn a much bigger, more flowing and body concealing robe, but she chose NOT to! How awesome is this? Kate not only paid a nice (subconscious?) tribute to Diana with her choice of polka dots, but she instantly made new moms all over the world feel more at ease with their bellies.


There's a million little tricks Kate could have pulled off to conceal her round tummy, which almost made her look like she was still pregnant. She could have hidden it behind a podium, behind a huge coat, behind William, behind a big pot of flowers -- whatever!! But she proudly stepped out with her mum tum in plain view. Hurrah, Kate!!!

Of course, not every woman has a mum tum after pregnancy. Some women do naturally snap right back into shape. I know one woman whose stomach was flatter after her birth than before, and not because she had a tum tuck. That was just her DNA.

So many celebs don't even show themselves for a few weeks after their pregnancies, when they've either slimmed down naturally or had a tummy tuck after birth. Not Kate!!! Keepin' it real, girlfriend.

Oh my gawd, is this woman an inspiration or what? Millions of women take their cues from her in terms of beauty, style, and general demeanor and she has not disappointed yet. Of course, she is human and one day she might, but not today!!!

Now if only Kate would breastfeed on the steps of Buckingham Palace. Haha. Kidding, Your Highness. Bottle feed if you like. Do that on the steps too.

Kate, a big smooch from mommies everywhere. We love you and your mummy tummy!

What do you think of Kate's mommach?

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