Kristen Stewart Confronts Riley Keough About Dating Robert Pattinson

kristen stewartPoor KStew. Can you blame her for feeling a little hurt when she heard the rumors about one of her friends, Riley Keough, dating her ex-boyfriend, Robert Pattinson? Apparently it bothered her so much, Kristen Stewart called Riley to hash it all out. A source told OK! Magazine that Kristen "called Riley. She likes and respect her, but she just doesn’t feel like it is ever right to go after a good friend’s ex who is suddenly on the market." It doesn't sound like Kristen got exactly what she wanted out of the conversation. But she probably got what she needed from it.


The source says the girls had a civil conversation. So I'm guessing it didn't go down like this:

"Bitch, what's this about you doing my man?!?"

"Kiss my ass, Kstoo, he's not your man anymore."

"F*ck you, you knew how hurt I was when we broke up! How could you do me like this?"

"Get over it, crazy bitch. He's mine now. Moveondotorg."

Kristen told Riley she didn't think it was cool to date a pal's ex-boyfriend, and Riley told Kristen she was sorry she felt that way. Which is ... nowhere near an apology. But it is Riley expressing concern about Kristen. She's showing that she hears Kristen and understands her feelings, even if she's not going to change her behavior in response.

I think some people might find that disrespectful. But I think it's fair. It's not like Riley is Kristen's BFF. How big a betrayal is this, really? Rob's fair game now, for anyone. Maybe Riley feels a strong connection with Rob. Maybe she doesn't like letting her friends tell her who she can't date. And maybe she's not even dating Rob at all! I'm still skeptical of that in the first place. We don't even know if this source who spoke with OK! is credible. This could all just be totally tabloid sound and fury signifying nothing, as usual.

Do you think Kristen should be upset at the idea of her friend dating her ex-boyfriend?


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