Prince William's Baby Name Confession Explains Why We've Been Kept Waiting

royal baby Kate Middleton Prince WilliamNow that we've finally seen the royal baby -- or seen his fingers and the top of his head -- the big question remains: what did Kate Middleton and Prince William decide to name the future king of England? And even more importantly, when are they going to tell us?

Well, it turns out it's not as simple as sending out a birth announcement. The real reason we don't know the royal baby's name isn't because the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are withholding it from us.


It's because they don't even know themselves! Prince William confessed they are still "working on" a name for His Royal Highness.

I can't say I blame them for taking their time. Whatever they name the royal baby, people the world over will be debating whether it's appropriate. Prince Charles and Lady Diana waited more than a week to tell us William was named William. With Charles it took a MONTH for the name to be released.

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I have to confess their uncertainty even makes me feel a little bit better in that misery loves company sort of way. Baby naming is hard, y'all! My husband and I debated for months and months and MONTHS. Like the royals, we didn't find out the gender of our child, so I too know what it's like to have to come up with good names for each sex.

Knowing that even Prince William and Kate Middleton are having a rough time makes them sound a bit more human, a bit more like the rest of us normal folks who didn't have a hairdresser to come to the hospital after the birth or a royal gynecologist fussing about our lady bits.

That said, they best get a move on. There are countless babies still waiting to be named thanks to some parents with a royal obsession!

And if I may throw a name in the ring, how about Spencer, an ode to the Duke's lovely mum?

Are you surprised the royals have yet to choose a name?


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