Beyonce Tangles With Fan & Everyone Loves Her for It (VIDEO)

BeyonceI know Beyoncé is a carbon-based life form who's occasionally photographed in slightly less than ideal circumstances and I guess theoretically she probably eats and poops like the rest of us, but for the most part the woman seems to have zero cracks in her glossy perfection. I'm sure this has to do with some rigid image management on her and her team's part (can you think of a single time when the paparazzi caught her mid-chew at McDonalds, or grocery shopping in dumpy sweatpants?), but Beyonce's gorgeously confident persona is clearly rooted in her own real-life dedication.

If you've ever wondered how seriously she takes her role as a performer, look no further than the video captured Monday night in Montreal. During the concert Beyoncé's hair somehow got sucked into a large electronic fan -- but she never missed a beat of her song, even as stage hands attempted to pry her free.


So Beyoncé was in the middle of performing "Halo" during her Montreal show this Monday when her hair got hoovered into a giant-ass fan. Now, I've never personally experienced this sort of thing but I can imagine that my reaction would probably include a lot of high-pitching shrieking and panicked flailing around. Beyoncé, however, soldiered on like a goddamned pro. Check it out:


Not only did she keep delivering her famous ballad for the 20,000+ strong crowd while event staff worked to release her once-flowing locks, she was apparently only near the fan in the first place because of a REAL fan. According to a source who spoke to Us Weekly,

Bey's hair got caught in the fan because she went downstage to an area she normally doesn't go for a fan. There was a girl in the front who was holding up a sign with a bucket list on it of all the things she wanted to do with her life. It was things like 'graduate from college' and all the boxes were checked except the last one, which was 'Sing With Beyonce!' Beyonce was so moved she went down into the pit to sing 'Halo' with the girl to give her her final wish. She wasn't even thinking of the fan -- she was focused on the girl she was trying to do something nice for and it was unprompted. It really came from a good place.

Oh, and if you're not already mouth-barfing a little over how ridiculously awesome Beyoncé is, check out what she posted on Instagram afterwards:

Beautiful, professional, compassionate, self-deprecating, and funny? Jeez, next thing you know she'll have given birth and stepped out looking like a goddess not three months later OH WAIT.

Are you a Beyoncé fan? Not the electronic wind-generating hair-tangling variety, but … oh, you know what I mean.

Images via YouTube, Instagram

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