Jenelle Evans Seems Weirdly Nonchalant About Losing Her Beloved Pet

bearded dragonJenelle Evans' beloved bearded dragon Yoshi is apparently dead, and Evans took to Twitter to talk about it. The "star" tweeted that her mother killed him, apparently by turning off the light inadvertently. It's super sad, especially given the nonchalant way Jenelle approached it.

Sure, Yoshi wasn't a human being (or even a dog or a cat), but it's yet another creature Jenelle didn't take responsibility for, handing him over to her mother. And then she can't even ratchet up enough sadness for the poor guy to mention it more than in passing?

I get that a bearded dragon may not seem as important to some people as another kind of pet, but it's a real responsibility. Even a goldfish deserves to be fed and have its water changed regularly, no?


Jenelle doesn't need to break down in tears and have a drama fest over the death of her bearded dragon, but I would expect more from a woman who has treated even a breakup with a boyfriend of two weeks as life-alteringly awful.

This is death! I don't care if it's a reptile or a human. It's still really sad. Jenelle even made kind of light of it in a later tweet, replying to a friend:

@knblack333 no lol on accident of course she turned off his heat lamp!!!

The responses are pretty typical, mostly bashing Jenelle for shirking yet another responsibility. And while I don't blame ANYONE who feels that way, I also think this is more than that. This is showing a real lack of sadness over something real. With all the drama over such little things, one would think Evans could muster a little grief over her little buddy.

It's truly sad.

Do you think Jenelle underreacted to this?


Image via Gail Frederick/Flickr

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