Robert Pattinson Isn't Dating New Co-Star After All Because He's Still Not Over Kristen Stewart

Robert PattinsonHe may be spending quite a bit of time with his pretty new blond Maps to the Stars co-star, but apparently Robert Pattinson and Sarah Gadon are just friends -- putting rumors of a hookup between the two of them to rest before they really had a chance to get started.

Rats. Rob's keeping his distance (for now), which means one of two things. Either he's nowhere near over Kristen Stewart and isn't ready to move on with someone else, or he is scared to death of falling hard for another woman only to have his heart broken again -- so he's putting relationships on the back burner.


OMG, you guys -- Rob may be fully embracing bachelorhood and possibly enjoying it. What if he's single for, like, a really long time? (Let's hope and pray he doesn't adopt a Leonardo DiCaprio lifestyle.)

Huh. He and KStew were together for so long, it's almost tough to imagine him living the solo life and not hopping right back into another serious relationship. But come to think of it, that's probably the best thing for him right now.

He's only 27, and since he spent the better part of his early adult life tied down to Kristen, it's about time for him to let loose a bit and "sow his wild oats" for a while, so to speak. If he jumps right back into girlfriend mode, he's basically going to repeat the past few years instead of dating around and really figuring out what he wants in a woman -- and possibly a wife down the road. (He's SO the marrying type.)

Besides, this is only his first film after the split. He'll have plenty of future co-stars to potentially get hot and heavy with when the time is right. And something tells me he'll have no problem finding someone willing to fill Kristen's Converse sneakers.

Do you think Rob should stay single for a while?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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