Jenelle Evans' Scary Emergency Surgery Is the Real Deal

Jenelle Evans hospitalWe can always expect Jenelle Evans to bring a little drama, but her latest trouble isn't her fault at all. Despite her recent efforts to get healthy, working out almost constantly with buff new beau Nathan Griffith, Jenelle's body had other ideas. The Teen Mom 2 star was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery on Monday night!

Griffith tweeted a photo of Jenelle in a hospital bed, hooked up to multiple machines and sporting two large bandages on her mid-section. It riled up her followers, who instantly jumped to the conclusion that Jenelle was faking it for attention.


For a second there I wondered why she'd allowed Nathan to tweet the photo -- it seemed like a wee bit more information than I'd share -- but considering the critics, I admit she was probably right. They accused her of everything from hitting the hospital for detox from a drug overdose to simply making the whole thing up for sympathy.

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Photographic evidence of her ordeal is really the only thing that can set the wagging tongues to rest.

Because as it turns out, she's not faking it, guys!

Jenelle has suffered from cysts over the years, but this time around it was something a little different. Jenelle had her appendix removed at a North Carolina hospital. And appendicitis is no joke. If not treated quickly, it can be fatal!

Fortunately Jenelle came through surgery just fine and says she has her mom "Dr. Barbara" and son Jace waiting at home to take care of her post-surgery.

We're hoping she has a speedy recovery!

What do you think of the reaction to Jenelle's emergency?


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