Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev Tried Too Hard Prove They're Over Each Other at Comic-Con

elena damon vampire diariesAfter successfully avoiding one another for a while now, ex-lovebirds Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev had no choice but to face their Vampire Diaries fans together at Comic-Con this past weekend. Sounds like it all went swimmingly, except for one totally cringe-worthy instance when the co-stars' nervous tension was put on display ...

A source tells E! News that Nina jokingly asked, "Is there anyone Elena hasn't made out with?" and an audience member shouted, "Me!" To the fan, Ian replied, "Give me your number. I'll set you up." Ack, whaaat?! So awkward! On both of their parts! Don't you think?


I'm sure it's just that they were both trying to joke around and prove that they're completely over the breakup and ready to move forward. But instead, it ended up coming off as weird and maybe trying a bit too hard. I actually feel bad for them both! An encounter like this -- and dealing with fans who you know want to know everything they can about your personal life -- can't possibly be easy. And given the position they're in, it's completely normal that they're having "growing pains" as an ex-couple.

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That said, you've gotta wonder if this awkward tension may end up translating on-set ... or worse, on-screen. Let's hope not. Seems like the two have the best intentions of being absolutely professional ... and going forward, the transition to strictly platonic will hopefully only get easier!

What's your take on Nina and Ian's "awkward encounter"?


Image via CW

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