Kim Kardashian's Big Post-Baby Feet May Force Her to Throw Out All Her Shoes

Kim Kardashian feetPlenty of new moms experience wacky body changes that don't go away after the baby is born, and apparently celebrities are not exempt from this unfortunate rule.

Hollywood Life is reporting that Kim Kardashian needs to buy all new shoes since giving birth to baby North West. "None of her old shoes fit her" because her "foot is at least half an inch bigger."

And based on just how swollen Kim's feet were during pregnancy, especially during her last trimester, I guess it really shouldn't come as a shock that they haven't quite gone back down to their normal size yet.


Supposedly mom Kris Jenner keeps trying to reassure her that she'll eventually fit back into her beloved high-end shoe collection -- but she might not want to get her hopes up just yet.

Plenty of new moms claim to have bigger feet after the baby arrives, myself included. I went up a half size while I was pregnant with my son, and seven years later, my feet still haven't shrunk back down to the size I wore pre-baby. 

And I'm not alone. Back in March, a new study from the University of Iowa concluded that pregnancy gives some women permanently bigger feet. The results found that approximately 60 to 70 percent of moms wound up with longer and wider feet and lower arches than before they were expecting.

(Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Kim.)

But considering it's only been a little over a month since Kim gave birth, she may want to give it a bit longer before she gets rid of all of her fabulous shoes and rushes out to buy new ones. She was really, really swollen toward the end of her pregnancy, and sometimes that can take a bit of time to subside -- so there is still hope that maybe her feet will go back to normal.

And if they don't? Well, it's not like she's a stranger to shopping or anything. I'm sure she'll come to terms with having to restock her shoe closet.

Did your feet get bigger after pregnancy?


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