Miley Cyrus’ Parents Stop Their Divorce a Second Time in a Lesson on How to Save a Marriage

billy ray cyrusMiley Cyrus' parents have called off their divorce -- AGAIN! A month after Tish filed for divorce from Billy Ray, the pair have decided to give it another go. Their romance has certainly been a roller coaster ride in the last few years. In 2011, it was the "Achy Breaky Heart" singer who filed, then withdrew his petition. In both instances, it took a breakup to enable them to see the truth -- they are meant for one another. Perhaps that drastic move can work for every couple whose relationship seems to be heading toward divorce court.


I have no doubt that Billy Ray and Tish were serious about ending their marriage. But there was clearly a lot of love. They had certainly been through a lot together -- him working his way up the country music scene, raising children, then turning their daughter Miley into a household name. Surely there were many ups and downs along the way.

When the romance starts going south, it's easy to forget all of the good times and wonderful traits you love about your mate. Instead, we harp on the most annoying things -- of which there are usually plenty. Your perspective can soften a bit when one person moves out. Like the old adage says, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." That can be the surprising benefits of a long, slow divorce.

According to reports, they went to couple's counseling to help facilitate a smoother breakup for themselves and the children. However, it had the opposite effect. Therapy made it harder for them to truly call it quits.

As you work through the legalities, you may also be working through some lingering feelings. You don’t want to rush into it in case there are strong, unresolved feelings. Being apart and taking the time to miss that person can actually save your marriage. That is not to say that Billy Ray and Tish won't threaten a divorce a third time. But if their record is any indication, it seems these breaks allow them to focus on what is really important.

Do you think temporary splits can save a marriage?


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