Jenelle Evans' Hangover Workout Could Be Horrible for Her Health

Jenelle EvansI remember the days when Jenelle Evans would tweet about her lazy Sundays with Courtland. Now, with new boo Nathan Griffith by her side -- girl's got her rear in gear and we're not just talking about her Twitter game. The former Teen Mom star is stepping up her fitness game, and she most definitely wants all of her followers to take note. Late last week Evans tweeted this photo (left) of her getting ready to sweat with the caption: "Even tho I'm hungover ... It's time to workout! Ass getting toned cuz of those squatssss!"

Toned backside? That's a pretty sweet gig. And hold up, didn't Jenelle give up smoking pot? Should she really be drinking if she's really into this whole health kick?

Sigh. Besides the point: let's touch on this whole hungover working out thing. I'm right there with you Jenelle, getting into the gym or outside for a workout after a night out isn't exactly easy. Who am I kidding? It's the worst. But here's the big question: Is it safe? Here, let's dish.


After you drink, you're already dehydrated. When you work out, you're most likely sweating and losing even more water. So the key to working out hungover is downing lots and LOTS of water to lessen your risk of passing out or heat stroke. Plain and simple: If Jenelle isn't taking in lots of H2O, she could be in for a lot of trouble and a major headache (seriously).

With that said, a workout is no hangover cure, according to Men's Health. However -- working out releases endorphins that can boost your mood. So hey, at least there's that. While a sweat session won't really cut down on the effects of that hellish night of drinking, at the very least, you can feel better that you got active and negated some of that calorie impact, eh?

Jenelle, good for you. Too bad you can't negate some of those other decisions. Like that ridiculous workout outfit for starters. Sorry, but I just have to wonder how that all stays in place once you're REALLY hitting that cardio.

Do you ever hit the gym hungover?


Image via PBandjenelley_1/Twitter

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