10 Ridiculous Kim Kardashian Rumors Since Baby North West’s Birth

kim kardashianAnother day, another Kim Kardashian rumor. Today's gossip says that the reason we haven't seen the Queen of the Kardashian Klan since she birthed baby North West is because Kim is staying in hiding until she's lost all of the baby weight. Kim wants to look fab when she makes her debut, and although I can't say I blame her (the woman is scrutinized closer than anyone), I kind of hope this isn't the truth. Talk about perpetuating an unrealistic image of what postpartum bodies are like. Also, she said she was spending this time to hang with her baby. I hope that's more of a priority than getting back into fighting shape!

But anyway. The main reason behind writing this post is to say: Who the crap knows what's going on with Double K? Every day we hear something new. If you have a few minutes to kill, here are 10 hilarious pieces of contradictory gossip about Kim, Kanye, and North.


1. Kim is out and about all the time -- to dinner, on playdates, to the doctor -- we just haven't seen her.

2. Kim Kardashian hasn't left the house and is going stir crazy.

3. Kim Kardashian was going to debut baby North West on mom Kris's talk show.

4. Kim Kardashian is debuting baby North West in Us Weekly for $2 million.

5. Kanye West hates Kris Jenner since becoming a father.

6. Kanye West has "mad respect" for Kris Jenner since becoming a father.

7. Kim Kardashian is "obsessed with breastfeeding."

8. Kim Kardashian is jealous of North West.

9. Kanye West is a "hands-on dad who is comfortable in his new role."

10. Kanye West won't change baby North's diapers.

Now. What do you think is the truth?


Image via myalexis/Flickr

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