Teresa Giudice Makes the Most of All the Housewives -- Wait 'til You Hear How Much

teresa giudiceHere I was all this time, thinking NeNe Leakes was the highest paid of all the Real Housewives. How wrong I was. Turns out, none other than Teresa Giudice is the lady raking in the most cash of all the Bravolebrities. And you'll never in a million years guess the insane amount Tre banks in a season. No wonder Melissa Gorga hates her so much.


Teresa reportedly makes a whopping $600,000 a season for being on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. And that doesn't include her Skinny Italian franchise, her appearances, and whatever else she's got going on. Teresa has legitimately gotten rich off the cray she's brought to the show (or at least gotten out of debt). I would have never guessed she made that much. The second highest paid Housewives are RHONY's LuAnn DeLesseps and Romana Singer, making $500,000 a season; followed by NeNe, who makes $350,000 a season (plus her spinoff, I Dream of NeNe).

Knowing what I know now, I have a feeling that Teresa's insane paycheck is what fuels some of the fire between her and Melissa. Not that it looks like Melissa and Joe Gorga are strapped for cash, but I bet it kills Melissa that her sister-in-law makes so much more than her. (No word on exactly what Melissa makes a season, but I've heard $300,000.)

Whether you like Teresa or not, there's no denying that the woman is damn entertaining and she brings an element to the show that no other person possibly could. I'm not saying it isn't a little gross that grown women are becoming millionaires off their immaturity when perfectly intelligent people can't pay their rent. But I get it.

What do you think of this?


Image via Bravo

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