Lindsay Lohan Gets Drunk Dialed in Rehab by the Worst Possible Person

Lindsay LohanIt's all well and good for a mother to call her daughter if that daughter is fighting her addictions in rehab. But you probably shouldn't do it drunk. Yeah, just goin' out on a limb here and saying that. But TMZ reports that that is exactly what notorious mom of Lindsay, Dina Lohan, did when she "drunk dialed" LiLo, who remains holed up in a Malibu, California rehab facility. Yeah, you can see that Lindsay has her work cut out for her.


According to TMZ, mama Lohan got on the phone with Linds shortly before her birthday -- but rehab staff quickly suspected that Dina was calling under the influence and cut the call short. The facility also apparently told Linds that they thought it would be better for her treatment if she didn't talk to mom for the rest of her stay. Ya think?!

I've been saying for awhile that the best thing for Lindsay would be to cut her parents out of her life -- at least temporarily. While family can be a huge support, they can also drag you down. And while you're trying your best to remain sober, it's never a good idea to hang out with people who aren't -- even if they are your family.

No doubt LiLo's dysfunctional family is at least part of the reason -- if not most of the reason -- that Lindsay has so many issues. From her dad constantly selling Lindsay's most private moments to the media to her mom enabling her by going out and partying with her, Lindsay's parents have been anything but the type of people she should be hanging out with.

Lindsay's only responsibility is to herself right now, and unfortunately her 'rents come with so much baggage that she's going to feel obligated to take care of them too, something children of alcoholics always feel. And that sense of pressure and disappointment can easily crack an addict's resolve.

It'll be easy for Lindsay to avoid her parents while in rehab -- but not so easy once she gets out and they begin their manipulations again and expect Lindsay to dance the same old codependent dance. I hope she finds the strength to stay away from anyone who threatens her sobriety -- and that includes her mom.

Have you ever had to cut your mom out of your life?


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