Royal Baby Watch 2013: 10 Best Ways to Get the Big News Before Anyone Else (LIVE STREAM)

royal baby watch live webcam st. mary'sNow that Kate Middleton has been in labor for hours, the royal baby watch has reached a fever pitch! Obviously, we plan on having the news for you ASAP here at The Stir. But after the official announcement is displayed via wooden easel just inside the Buckingham Palace railings, the digital hoopla will begin.

Here, the 10 best ways to stay on top of the latest buzz  ...

  1. The British Monarchy's social media sites - Cruise the British Monarchy’s Twitter for the official, anticipated tweet, which will go out to followers soon after the easel is placed in front of Buckingham Palace. The announcement will also be made via the British Monarchy's Facebook or Google+ pages. So 21st century of them!
  2. Clarence House's Twitter - Known for breaking the royal couple's engagement news before @BritishMonarchy, the Clarence House (the former London home of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother) Twitter account could potentially write the first tweet here, too.
  3. This live webcam in front of St. Mary's Hospital - Though you won't get a glimpse of the famed easel, people in view may go a little wild when they hear the news!
  4. Live blogs The GuardianThe Mirror, and The Daily Beast are among sites providing up-to-the-minute coverage.
  5. Google - Punch in "royal baby news" or "Kate Middleton," and you're sure to get the latest headlines in a nice big updated newsbox.
  6. - Yes, there's an entire website devoted to all things royal baby watch. Being that its sole existence is to "deliver" the news, they oughta have it ASAP!
  7. - CBS News has its very own "Royal Baby Watch" page.
  8. E! - On the same bandwagon as CBS with their own royal news site.
  9. The British Monarchy Heir - These cute social media sites -- including a Facebook page and follow on Twitter at @British_Heir -- are both devoted to welcoming the little prince or princess.
  10. The Stir - Obviously we want to share the happy news with you as soon as we can! Follow us here and on Twitter @The_Stir. You can also "like" our Kate Middleton News Facebook page for updates.

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How will you be staying on top of the news?

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