Royal Baby Update: The Latest From Kate Middleton's Doctors

will and kate lookalikes st. mary's
Will & Kate lookalikes at St. Mary's Hospital
Where, oh where, is that Royal Baby?! After a false alarm a few days ago when Kate and Prince William left for London from her parents home in the country and a lookalike royal couple showed up at St. Mary's hospital as if the birth was imminent, we've seen neither hide nor hair of the Duchess of Cambridge.

So where has she been?

Apparently, she's been taking her doctor's advice.


Kate's doctors have reportedly ordered her to stay inside and out of the sun. Like a lot of the U.S., London has been experiencing a major heatwave and the temperature has hit almost 90 degrees. As any woman can attest, it is NOT fun to be pregnant in the hot summer months -- especially when you're 9 months pregnant like Kate.

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Heat and humidity, while not fun for anyone, can take a greater toll on pregnant women because body temperature is already a bit higher than normal during pregnancy. Heat can exacerbate swelling and there's also a risk of dehydration -- neither of which are good for mom or baby. Of course temperatures in the 90s are quite normal for some places, but they are quite out of the ordinary in London where Kate is presently waiting the arrival of her baby.

There has been speculation that Kate "lied" about her due date to throw off the public but some sources are saying that's not so and that the Royal Baby is indeed a few days late at this point.

We're hoping Kate stays cool and comfortable -- and that the Royal Baby comes soon!

How do you deal with heat during pregnancy?

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