The Royal Baby Is Coming! The Royal Baby Is Coming!

will and kate st mary'sThe world has been waited with bated breath for the arrival of the Royal Baby, and based on reports that have been coming out of London in the past hour or so, it sounds like Will and Kate's baby has finally decided to make an appearance!

According to US Weekly and David Brown, a journalist at The Times, Prince William and Kate Middleton abruptly left Kate's parents' home on the English countryside with police escorts this afternoon.

All of the royal couple's protection officers have also departed the area -- which seems to indicate the couple is leaving for good.


And while no one is exactly sure whether Kate is headed for St. Mary's Hospital to give birth(!) in the Lindo Wing or if she's merely going back home to Kensington Palace, excitement is building -- and it looks like ... THIS. IS. IT!

Extra police have been dispatched to St. Mary's; however, and The Times' David Brown, tweeting from London, says:

royal baby tweet

According to Peter Hunt of the BBC: "Royal officials decline to comment on whether or not William and Kate have moved from her parent's home in Berkshire to London."

Reporters were thrown off earlier when a pair of Will and Kate lookalike pranksters showed up at St. Mary's (see photo above). The stunt, courtesy of The Sun, has only added to the Royal Baby furor. (Maybe Will and Kate slipped in the back door while this was going on?)

Still, it ain't over 'til the fat baby cries (or something like that), and  there is also speculation that Kate may not give birth at St. Mary's at all. The Telegraph is reporting that while the world's media is camped out at St. Mary's, Kate may be giving birth at The Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, where she was born in 1982.

And ... there's always the possibility that Kate has fooled us all and will indeed be following royal tradition and having a home birth at the palace after all.

Wherever the Royal Couple's newest addition decides to make his or her appearance, all signs seem to be pointing to a birthday of today or tomorrow (though we're wishing for a quick and easy labor for Kate).

Stay tuned, we'll keep you posted!

Where do you think Kate is having her baby?

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