Ian Somerhalder's New Sexy Snapshot Reveals Why Things With Nina Dobrev Didn't Work Out (PHOTO)

Ian SomerhalderI swear, Ian Somerhalder has this magical capability to get hotter and hotter with every passing day. Sure, the hunk looks great without his shirt, but I think we have a photo that can top that. See that to the right there? That's Ian cuddling. No, not with some super beautiful woman, but with a furry little kitty. How effin' cute is that?!

The caption to the photo? "Being a dad ... #gmb= Grown Man Business ;)" Um, whoa. WHOA. Ian Somerhalder as a dad?! That is uber-sexy. But his fathertastic inspirations may just be another indicator of why things didn't work out with longtime girlfriend Nina Dobrev. I mean, think about it: While Nina's out partying and hitting the beach, he's at home cuddling with a kitty channeling his fatherhood instinct. Not exactly an eye for an eye, eh?


With that said, there's nothing wrong with the fact that Ian and Nina decided to go their separate ways. By the looks of things, they're both doing just fine post-split. It happens in relationships. Sometimes two people who seriously care about one another just realize that they're at different places. Is that what happened with the Vampire Diaries couple? We don't know, 100 percent. But it sure as hell seems that way.

I am 100 percent positive that there is a fantastic woman out there (raises hand) who is at the same place as Ian, looking to settle down a bit and take things easy. And I'll be the first person to say that the idea of Ian settling down totally makes him an even sexier actor in my eyes. Perhaps a sexier Christian Grey? Sigh. Only time will tell!

How hunky is this photo of Ian Somerhalder?


Image via Instagram

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