Kristen Stewart Dresses in Military Uniform for New Movie: Hot or Not? (PHOTO)

Kristen StewartHere's something that could only ever happen as a direct result of the magic of Hollywood: Kristen Stewart dressed up in a military uniform. Looks like her new movie, Camp X-Ray, is going to be quite the departure from Bella and Twilight, wouldn't you say?

I don't know what it says about me that my initial reaction to seeing this photo was: This is freakin' hilarious. Mostly because Kristen Stewart, from what we've seen during her red carpet appearances, awkward interviews, and general sullen, brooding silence, well, she is kind of the exact opposite of what we expect when we think of our fine members in the military.

Still, like I said, the magic of Hollywood! But can we honestly take Kristen Stewart as a soldier seriously?


It looks like the movie is about a soldier, most likely KStew, befriending a man who's imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, after enduring a lot of harassment from the Muslim men she's assigned to watch over. So I guess this is no Full Metal Jacket, but the thought of Kristen yelling, ordering other guys around, going through grueling training, showing a facial expression other than "meh," it might be fun to tune in just to see if she can pull it off.

But you gotta admit: Girl looks good. Of course everyone and anyone knows that Kristen is now single after a rollercoaster breakup with Robert Pattinson. Maybe channeling a badass soldier and getting a small taste of what others have to suffer through in other parts of the world is exactly what she needs to look at life with fresh eyes and a new perspective. (This is a post on KStew, of course we're going to bring this up.)

Seriously, talk about a gritty role -- if there are torture scenes, she may actually have to show more emotion than the typical, constipated "OMG I'm in love with a really sexy, rich vampire" that we know her most for. Seeing the movie version of what may have occurred at Guantanamo Bay come to life is probably a rather intriguing idea to a lot of people, and KStew needs to step it up to bring any kind of justice to this role and what happened to the people there.

Sigh, but I mean:

Well, as of right now, we can only hope that KStew can give the Hollywood story of our soldiers some justice and realism. Maybe this will introduce us to a completely new side of her? Stranger things have happened. No release date yet, but you know we'll keep you posted!

Could you take Kristen Stewart as an American soldier seriously?


Image via Splash News

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