Lea Michele Accused of 'Controlling' Cory Monteith When She Was Actually a Godsend

lea michele cory monteith So much is coming out about Cory Monteith's life and death at such a rapid pace right now that it's hard to know what's true and what's being exaggerated, but one thing is clear: Now-grieving girlfriend Lea Michele was a hugely protective, positive force in his life ... Which makes it even more annoying that she's being painted as something of a control freak.

TMZ reports that sources close to the couple say Lea "swooped in when Cory died and immediately took over planning his memorial and other matters connected with his death." And before the tragic turn of events, she "fiercely protected him ... as much as she could, especially when it came to his substance abuse." For instance, she reportedly took the reins on his intervention, getting him into rehab, and giving him an ultimatum to clean up or she'd walk.

To some that may seem "controlling," but I'd describe it as being the best damn girlfriend Cory could've possibly had!


To me, what Lea did for Cory -- and what she's continuing to do -- is what you do when you care deeply for someone. You protect them and support them, but also sometimes push them to take better care of themselves.

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I've told my husband on multiple occasions -- whether it was when he was riding a motorcycle or acting resistant to addressing a health issue -- that he's gotta take care of himself. For both of our sakes. Because I love him, I want what's best and safest for him. I'm his biggest advocate. Of course, I can only say and do so much, even as his wife. Ultimately, it's up to him to make the right decisions and look out for himself. Still, I'm certain the influence of a protective partner, who always has your back, is overwhelmingly positive.

Hence why it's so wrong to use the words "controlling" and protective interchangeably -- especially in Lea's case. Sounds to me like she did everything she could to help Cory steer in the right direction. Now she's the one who needs all the support she can get and reassurance that she loved and cared for him as best she could, in the best possible way.

What do you think is the difference between being "controlling" and protective of your partner?


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