Tina Turner Marries Erwin Bach: Rockin' Wedding Details Revealed

tina turner erwin bachTina Turner and longtime love Erwin Bach are officially married! Reports of their engagement swirled last week, and it was confirmed that the 73-year-old diva and her partner of nearly 30 years tied the knot in Zurich, according to a Swiss municipal official. Then, the couple followed up the civil ceremony with a big, Buddhist, star-studded celebration at their lakeside villa on Sunday.

Here's what we know of their Big Day, which has been nearly 27 years in the making ... Aww!


Local Swiss media reports that the couple had an intimate Buddhist ceremony and celebration at Chateau Algonquin, their Kusnacht manor (Tina actually became a Swiss citizen this spring!), this weekend. About 120 guests were in attendance, including David Bowie, Eros Ramazzoti, and Sade, as well as Oprah. The couple had everyone participate in a traditional Buddhist water blessing in which every wedding guests pour water over the couple's hands.

As for "decor," the estate was reportedly decorated with about 70,000 red and yellow roses from Holland. Pretty!

As previously rumored, guests were asked to wear white to the festivities this weekend, and the bride wore an emerald green dress designed by Giorgio Armani. Cool!

Swiss media also notes that "police established an exclusion zone at the lake to prevent curious boaters from congregating." A 50- by 100-meter zone was cordoned off "not because Tina Turner wants this [but] to avoid many boats" crowding near the manor, according to police spokeswoman Esther Surber. To further frustrate paparazzi, wedding organizers erected a red canvas screen at the foot of the lakeshore garden.

As far as precautions Tina and Erwin themselves took, they were said to have sent out letters to their neighbors apologizing in advance for the noise they might cause. Oh well, hopefully they'll give the woman a break; she's the Queen of Rock -- she was entitled to make some noise on her long-awaited wedding day!

All in all, their wedding sounds like it was too cool! So happy for these two -- and can't wait to see some more pics! Congrats to Tina and Erwin!

What well-wishes would you send the happy couple?


Image via Pascal LeSegretain/Getty

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