‘Game of Thrones’ Emmy Nominations: Which Characters Are In & Who Got Robbed? (VIDEOS)

Tyrion LannisterThe 2013 Emmy nominations were announced, and Game of Thrones season 3 racked up a solid, impressive 16 of 'em. Yes, 16! Though American Horror Story is at the top with 17 nominations, it's clear that not only do the fans love Game of Thrones, the critics do as well (not like that makes much of a difference, but it's great to see such a fantastic show get this kind of recognition).

Seriously, between Daenerys Targaryen's big moment, the Red Wedding, Jaime Lannister losing something very precious to him, a bear fight, Arya kicking ass, Jon Snow knowing nothing, come on, the Red Wedding ... this was a season to remember.

You can see all the nominees here, but let's just take a moment to congratulate Peter Dinklage (supporting actor in a drama), Emilia Clark (supporting actress in a drama), and Diana Rigg (guest actress in a drama)! Some of the best characters Game of Thrones has to offer -- and that's saying a lot!


Awesome news for all of them and totally well deserved. I raise my wine glass to you Tyrion-style. Still, I would have loved to see some recognition for Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister), who commanded the screen and schooled his children in every scene he was in; Michelle Fairley (Catelyn Stark) was simply amazing as she dealt with the insurmountable tragedy her family faced; Kit Harington (Jon Snow) is just plain pretty; Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) also stepped up to be one of the most sympathetic characters in the series, just think of his monologue to Brienne; hell, is there anyone more unlikable than Jack Gleeson (Joffrey Baratheon), who made us throw stuff at the screen every time he showed his bratty face? Now that takes talent!

There were just so many incredible moments for all these actors, and they each deserve an Emmy. For real. I'm so happy that they're getting this kind of kudos for all their hard work. Tyrion, Daenerys, and Lady Olenna gave us some of the best stuff in season 3, and I might actually tune in to the Emmys this year just to cheer them on!

So let's take a walk down memory lane to see some of these characters' memorable scenes. Here's Dany's defining moment in season 3:

Powerful scene between Tywin and Tyrion Lannister:

Hilarity between Lady Olenna and Lord Varys:

And Tyrion and Lady Olenna going at it, proving why they each deserve their Emmy nomination:

OMG I miss this show so much I'm just gonna go over here and weep profusely in a corner. When does season 4 start???

What do you think of the Game of Thrones Emmy nominations? Which of the other actors do you think should have been nominated?


Image via HBO

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