4 Facts That Prove Kate Middleton Lied About Her Due Date

kate middletonWe've been duped, royalophiles. We all have been waiting with bated breath to read or hear the words "Kate Middleton is in labor," but I think we all need to sit back down and make ourselves comfy. It looks like we've got ample time before the big day. See, we were given the wrong due date. Not sure if it was to throw everyone off (looking at you paparazzi camped out in front of St. Mary's hospital), or if it was just hearsay that spread like wildfire, but according to a supposed credible source, Kate's due date could be July 23 or later -- not July 13 like we were originally told.

And when you think back, it makes total sense. There are so many things that prove that was never the Duchess' due date.


1. Prince William was out of town, and then played in a charity polo match on July 14. He's a busy man with many obligations, but do you really think Prince William would commit to such an engagement if his wife were due the day before? Also, over the weekend, a Kensington Palace source claimed that Wills was going back to work in Anglesey this week. Hmmm ...

2. Pippa was in Vienna. Kate's sister, Pippa, was seen partying in Vienna during Fashion Week on her sister's actual due date. I know Pippa isn't one to miss out on a good party, but I really don't think she'd be in another country the day her big sis was set to give birth.

3. Kate went to her parents' house very recently. The Duchess reportedly spent the weekend at her parents' house in Bucklebury recently, which, without traffic, is an hour and 15 minutes outside of London. When your due date is around the corner, you don't go too far from your hospital.

4. Kate's mom mentioned that the baby would be a Leo. About two months ago, the Telegraph published a piece on Carole Middleton returning a lost dog to its owners. And in the piece, the Telegraph reported that Carole told friends that her grandbaby was going to be a Leo -- which doesn't start until July 23. Why didn't we realize that sooner?

What date is your money on?


Image via Renato Ganoza/Flickr

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